Thank you

Dear Celery Community,

Since 2012, Celery has been on a mission to bring more products to life. We're proud to provide the best tools for creators to raise funds, take pre-orders, and continue selling.

The natural next step in our commitment to empowering creators “from napkin sketch to shipping now” is for Celery and Indiegogo to focus on the number one challenge facing our creators: amplifying the audience and community around their products. To best serve that focus, we will be transitioning our pre-order services from Celery to Indiegogo over the coming months.

As part of that transition, we will be sunsetting Celery’s existing pre-order platform and e-commerce tools later this year and are no longer accepting new sellers to Celery’s platform. Please visit Indiegogo InDemand for your post-campaign funding needs, or contact

We’re incredibly grateful to have supported this community in bringing your creative projects to life and are excited to see what you come up with next!

The Celery Team