Integrating Celery with Squarespace to Accept Pre-Orders

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re using Squarespace. Now, I’m not psychic, but my guess is that you’re probably interested in taking pre-orders as well. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. When you integrate Celery with Squarespace’s beautiful ecommerce platform, you’ve got just that—a simply made online store that accepts pre-orders.

But, just in case you aren’t familiar...

Here’s How Squarespace Works:

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Squarespace is a web hosting platform that allows you to set-up and run an online store through their Commerce application. Their award-winning templates are as beautiful as they are functional, and the entire platform is so intuitive even the technologically inept can start selling in minutes. Squarespace’s Basic and Advanced plans accommodate most sale volumes and unlimited SKUs, while offering traditional e-commerce extras like analytics, optimized checkout pages and express checkout.

The only thing missing from Squarespace’s easy-to-run Commerce solution: the ability to accept pre-orders and the features that best support this unique use case. This is where Celery comes in.

Integrating Celery With Squarespace to Take Pre-Orders

The Squarespace-Celery duo aren’t just leaders in their respective fields, but are simple to install, extremely user-friendly, and most importantly allows sellers to test new product ideas, accept pre-orders for “coming soon” or out of stock products, and even run full-fledge self-hosted crowdfunds.

Since Celery works independently of the Squarespace platform, it’s installed as an overlay. The integration can be done with 3 simple steps. This article details how to pair the two platforms. To sum it up, set-up involves some clicking, copying and pasting, and a drop-down menu. No development work required. Capiche?

Why Celery and Squarespace are Better Together

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MOTI, the personable smart object that helps you form better habits, uses Squarespace and Celery to accept pre-orders.

You Can Sell More by Taking Advantage of More eCommerce Features

Squarespace offers a range of typical e-commerce features to help you keep track of sales, measure success, and organize your store. Celery expands on these e-commerce features with a diverse toolset specifically designed around pre-orders. By adding Celery’s checkout to Squarespace, you’re able to tap into extra sales-boosting features like: Abandoned Cart Recovery, One-Page Checkout and Two-Sided Referrals.

These features are included in Celery’s flat platform fee (2% per transaction), but are not available in any combination through Squarespace alone. Therefore, by buddying up the two platforms, you’re gaining more valuable features aimed at helping you sell more, more intelligently.

The Combined Fees are Low (Comparably and Otherwise)

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Fees suck, but with this pre-order duo, you’re actually paying less for added value. This is the breakdown of the cost for Squarespace and Celery together.

Squarespace Commerce costs as little as $24 a month for a Basic Plan and as much as $80 for a month-to-month Advanced Plan. Celery costs a flat 2% per transaction. Credit card processing fees are separate (Stripe payment processing fees are 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction).

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To put these fees into perspective, crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter charge between 8-10% of total sales in fees. Additionally, plans for each of the sales-boosting feature—like referral marketing—can cost hundreds of dollars in subscription fees each month. All in all, value provided by installing Celery with Squarespace saves serious resources.

You’re in Control of Your Brand

By running a pre-order or self-hosted crowdfunding campaign through your own online store, you’re in complete control. This not only means choosing the look and feel of your website through Squarespace, but also laying down the foundation for building a bigger, long-term business.

Accepting pre-orders with Celery in your Squarespace store will benefit your brand by:

  • Carving out a space where your customers know to find you.
  • Keeping” the traffic you’ve earned.
  • Having the ability to optimize and A/B test your entire funnel and checkout
  • Getting unprecedented access to your metrics.
  • Having a website and checkout design that’s customized, branded and all your own.

Squarespace’s online store powered by Celery’s pre-order checkout modernizes e-commerce, giving sellers more control than ever over their product’s destiny. Pre-orders enable innovators to test the market, sell while they make, launch new products independently, and build a more sustainable business. Not only is set-up a cinch, but the integration will help you pre-sell more with an impactful feature toolset, for a lesser cost.

What are you waiting for? To integrate Celery and Squarespace, sign-up today. And for more tips, tricks, and best crowdfunding practises, join the thousands of others who subscribe to our blog!