Celery’s Open-Source Checkout Powers Plastc’s Pre-Order Campaign

Celery released an open source checkout that anyone can use for their pre-orders or crowdfunding. It’s fueling Plastc’s pre-orders.

Coin pioneered a minimalist checkout flow that was wildly successful at converting pre-order customers. It’s reported they beat the $10M+ that Pebble raised on Kickstarter, a record at the time, signaling a shift away from the world’s most popular crowdfunding platform.

The Celery team has now released an open source checkout that can be used on any website to accept pre-orders, just like Coin and Plastc’s pre-order campaigns, allowing early-stage startups to raise money without the constraints of traditional crowd-funding platforms.

Modern checkout UI and UX is critical for high-stakes crowdfunding and pre-order campaigns, as the slightest friction can lose you customers and lower conversions. Celery's minimalist checkout design pattern ensures that customers have the smoothest journey through to purchasing.


Benefits of using Celery’s DIY checkout:

  • Modern UI and high conversion purchase flow
  • Minimize the number of required input fields (e.g. collect shipping)
  • Fully customizable for branding
  • Can be functionally extended
  • Built-in order management dashboard backend

Features on our roadmap:

  • Social referral mechanisms (e.g. refer a friend, get a $5 discount)
  • Abandoned cart analytics

To try this out, you can fork the repo and get started with our tutorial readme on Github here. You can sign up for a free Celery account here.

With love and celery,
The Celery Team