Celery's Favorite Pre-Order and Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2015

At Celery, our entire team lives for product launches. We’re constantly testing new gadgets and as a collective, have pre-ordered a mini department store worth of innovations. To put it lightly, we come across a lot of cool new stuff and we love it.

Having worked with more crowdfund and pre-order launchers than ever, we’ve gotten our hands on many of this year’s latest and greatest. To round-up 2015, we asked our team members/product testers/serial pre-order buyers which products stole the show.

Here’s a short-list of the Celery team’s favorite crowdfund and pre-order launches of the year.


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Cost: $99
Released: January, 2015
Where to Find it: https://www.gozolt.com/ (Celery Pre-order Launcher
Where: San Jose, CA

Zolt lets you charge your laptop and two mobile devices at the same time. The genius charging machine is the size of a pill bottle (or like two stacked marshmallows), and is beyond transport friendly. This means that you’ll never be “that person” scouring for outlets at the airport, mall, or Grandma’s house ever again. Being the world’s smallest and lightest 3-thing charger, Zolt packs major punch.

“For anyone frequently on the go, this is a must have device. The technology (by Avogy) that enables this is even more mind blowing than the convenience itself. Zolt first launched with Celery at CES 2015 and has since garnered amazing accolades from consumer publications like the WSJ, which are all well-deserved.”-Chris, CEO

Pebble Time

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Cost: $149-$249
Released: February, 2015
Where to Find it: https://www.pebble.com/buy-pebble-time-smartwatch
Where: Waterloo, ON

Pebble Time is the 3rd generation smartwatch in the record-crushing Pebble family. The first generation Pebble raised more than $10.2M on Kickstarter in 2012, while this year's edition captured a whopping $20.3+M. With total crowdfund earnings and investor dollars north of $45M, backers of this project aren't getting a bootstrapped product, but a refined color e-display smartwatch with all the expected bells and whistles, for less.

Quote: “Pebble Time is my top crowdfunding pick of 2015 because their device lets you break into the smartwatch scene without costing a lot. I've been using it for the past 3 months and it functions really well. The best feature is the long battery life.”- Bruno, Product Designer


Cost: $799
Released: May, 2015
Where to Find it: https://www.lily.camera/
Where: San Francisco, CA

Think drone, meets frisbee, meets GoPro, and you’re zeroing in on some of the capability and functionality of the wildly successful, Lily. No controller required, the Lily camera flies itself to capture video or photographs. With a 20 minute fly time and a tracking device, the waterproof camera captures the impossible. This is a gadget you’ll need to see to believe. Watch their video to get the full picture!

“My top pick for 2015 is Lily. Lily is going to make activities like going to the beach or on a hike with my kids even more awesome”-Eric, Engineer


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Cost: $349 for 1, $629 for 2, $889 for 3
Released: August, 2015
Where to Find it: https://nebia.com/ (Celery Pre-order Launcher)
Where: San Francisco, CA

Nebia revolutionizes the shower--finally! Nebia’s technology atomizes water into millions of droplets, creating a shower experience that’s like a steam room and high-pressure traditional shower, combined. In addition to providing an all-over, improved shower experience, Nebia saves thousands of gallons of water compared to traditional shower heads. The estimated 70% annual water savings is not only good for your wallet, but excellent for the environment.

“Nebia is one of my favorite products to come out of 2015. The product itself is an impressive combination of beauty and function, but what really got my attention is how the Nebia team perfectly executed all of the steps we recommend innovators take when bringing new products to market.”-Thomas, Head of Marketing


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Cost: $60 (pre-order), retail: $65
Released: September, 2015
Where to Find it: http://www.misen.co/ (Celery Pre-order Launcher)
Where: Brooklyn, NY

It’s no wonder Misen blew their crowdfunding stretch goals out of the water. With quality knives often creeping into the hundreds of dollars range, Misen is a great alternative for home chefs. This versatile kitchen knife is sleek, made from premium materials, and sold for far less than competing or comparable products. It’s a very happy medium for those who like to chop without cutting into their bank accounts.

“Misen is my favorite crowdfunding project of 2015. I choose Misen because they focused on selling utility at lower costs. It’s a fresh departure from the thousands of ‘revolutionary’ product pitches.”-Edward, Product Manager

Norlan Glass

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Cost: $48.00 for set of 2
Released: October, 2015
Where to Find it: http://www.norlanglass.com (Celery Pre-order Launcher)
Where: International (NY, Berlin, Reykjavik)

Drink whisky? Want to look better while doing it? The Norlan Glass crushed their Kickstarter campaign raising more than $800k in backer dollars, and we can understand why. The Norlan seamlessly combines science and design, function and beauty, to produce a glass that actually improves whisky drinking while remaining a stand alone piece of design art.

“Designed to fit perfectly in my hands, it allows me to develop my palate and converse with ease. It’s truly magnificent.”-Grace, Content Marketing Manager

Altwork Stations

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Cost: $3,900 USD (early adopter price, $4.900 retail)
Released: November, 2015
Where to Find it: http://altwork.com/ (Celery Pre-order Launcher)
Where: San Francisco, CA

Altwork lets you do computer things lying down! The best part: there’s no propped pillows, limp arm clicking, or strained necks involved. The redefined workstation supports more productive and comfortable working conditions that are actually healthy for your body and posture. The Altwork station is the result of five years of engineering, multiple prototypes, and over $1M of founder and angel investment. Could a serious recline be the new way to work? For comfort sake alone, we hope so.

“Having tried out the Atlwork station in person, I loved the way it worked and appreciated the craftsmanship, engineering and design work that has gone into it.”- Bhavin, Customer Success


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Cost: $129-$258 Retail (can pre-order for $89 w/ limited quantity)
Released: November, 2015
Where to Find it: https://www.wearchronos.com/ (Celery Pre-order Launcher)
Where: San Francisco, CA

In 2014, wearables stole the gadget show, and in a lot of ways, 2015 was no different. However, Chronos takes a different approach to the wearable game by making your favorite watch “smart”. With a small disc that micro-suctions to the back of a traditional time piece, almost any watch can add fitness tracking, notifications, phone controls and countless other features to its repertoire. Could this be the perfect custom solution for those unwilling to compromise style (or throw away their trusty analog)?

“Chronos packs a lot of hardware into a disc that’s 3mm thin and 33mm in diameter. They are proving that wearables can become part of everyone’s lives without being in the way of them.”- Mark, Business Development

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