Celery Joins Forces With Indiegogo

Since 2012, Celery has been on a mission to bring more products to life. Today, we're excited to announce that Celery is joining forces with Indiegogo, the premier crowdfunding platform for empowering entrepreneurial ideas of every shape and size.

At Celery, we're proud to provide the best tools for creators to raise funds, take pre-orders, and continue selling. Indiegogo's incredible commitment to empowering creators “from napkin sketch to shipping now” makes Indiegogo the ideal partner for us to accelerate the next phase of Celery's journey.

As part of the transaction, creators on Celery will be able to grow their community and reach new audiences with Indiegogo InDemand, a vibrant community marketplace of 15 million early adopters and product enthusiasts. Much of the challenge in bringing a creative endeavor to life comes from building an audience from scratch. Now, building an audience with Celery through our InDemand integration will be simple and seamless.

For Indiegogo creators who have completed a crowdfunding campaign, providing a storefront for customers has typically been time-consuming to set up and painful to customize. Now, transitioning from a successful Indiegogo campaign to their own pre-order store will be as easy as adding a Celery pre-order button to their website.

Together, Indiegogo and Celery will provide creators a powerful end-to-end platform for launching and growing entrepreneurial projects. Celery started with the simple idea that creators deserve world-class tools to bring their products to life. By teaming up with Indiegogo, our creators will be joining a growing community marketplace that is eager to support their creativity. We couldn't be more excited for what's ahead!


What does this mean for me?
As a Celery customer, you now get to increase your reach and build new audiences with Indiegogo InDemand. For specific questions related to setting up InDemand, please reach out to indemand@trycelery.com.

I depend on Celery, does this mean you are shutting down?
No. Celery will remain a standalone business and our tools will only get better. We're proud to provide creators the best tools to raise funds, take pre-orders, and continue selling. With Indiegogo, Celery will offer additional ways to build your business by reaching more customers on Indiegogo InDemand.

Are Celery's fees changing?
Celery will continue to offer a simple and transparent pricing of 2%. If you choose to use InDemand, the platform fee to drive traffic from their community marketplace is 5%.

Why is Celery teaming up with Indiegogo?
Our mission is to serve the creator community by helping them bring their products to life. By joining forces with Indiegogo, Celery creators can bring their products to life by tapping into Indiegogo’s vast community of early adopters. Together, Celery and Indiegogo can empower creators at a scale that lifts their creativity to the next level. We're excited for this new chapter for Celery and hope you are, too!

How does it work?
To activate InDemand for your account, email indemand@trycelery.com. Celery and Indiegogo will then review your account for eligibility. If you previously ran a crowdfunding campaign, listing your product on InDemand can be quick.

I’ve got more questions!
We’ve got answers! Feel free to hit us up at indemand@trycelery.com.

For more information, see the press release.